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About Deepshikha Samiti

A Ray From Darkness to Light

Deepshikha Samiti is a voluntary organization, registered under the societies ACT of the Govt. of NCT of Delhi. It has been working at the grassroots level since 1994 in Delhi and other states for socio-economic development of urban and rural areas.

Deepshikha Samiti has worked with the disadvantaged communities, poor and marginalized sections in the field of peace, nonviolence, justice, human rights, education, health, HIV AIDS employment and participation in governance. Development programs are based on the felt needs of people with an effort to mobilize participation for their individual and community development. In last many years it has been partner with much international organization for various development works.

SINCE 1994


To provide a healthy environment and meaningful life to the people of India.


To develop a healthy, educated, and empowered community where everyone would have equal rights, share and opportunities without any discrimination.


Provide educational and medical facilities to underprivilege communities.

Empowering people through education.

Making them self-reliant in terms of earning their livelihood, through vocational training.

Spreading awareness about healthy living.

Organization background:

The organization -'Deepshikha Samiti,' was established primarily to organize, coordinate, promote and to support programs for socio economic development of communities, with prime focus on women, children, and elderly. With its multi – disciplinary team, it has worked in collaboration with the central and state governments, semi-governmental, non-governmental and corporate sector organizations. The expertise drawn from different disciplines has helped in pursuing research, evaluation, training programs in the areas of HIV AIDS, Skill development, Livelihood related activities, Women and child welfare projects, Poverty alleviation programs. The organization intends to provide expertise in social and development sciences to share experiences and to undertake training, research and evaluation and action programs that benefit the poor and weak in rural and urban areas of the country. The organization strives to empower the poor, weak and the disadvantaged through programs aimed at their betterment with little or no outside support. The organization has a good experience of working in the area and hence shall receive a good support from the local populace during project implementation which is an important mandate for the successful implementation of the program.

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